The Food, Stress & Mindset

for energy, health & weight loss in midlife

3 part video Masterclass

This series consists of 3 video trainings:

  • (1) THE FOOD - foods for vibrant energy, health & weight loss in midlife. Why what you eat needs to change.
  • (2) THE STRESS - how stress affects your health, energy, moods & weight & what you can do.
  • (3) THE MINDSET - the powerful mindset shifts required during this phase of life to make the changes and feel your best!

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About Your Host

Diana is a wellness coach for women 45+ who are transitioning through the midlife phase (menopause) and beyond.
She helps women own their personal powers and bring their body into better balance for vibrant energy, health and weight loss.
She offers trainings on hormone balance, eating right for this phase, stress reduction, motivation, mindset mastery, spirituality and personal growth to help women live their best life!